PBRA - Stedenbouw Antwerpen

Explainer video

The province of Antwerp has some serious plans for its spatial planning. This huge document would a bit dull to read for everyone so we were tasked with highlighting the main points in an accessible way whilst encouraging the civilians to share their reactions. This is where we and our motion graphics skills came in.

PBRA motion graphics antwerpen character design explainer isometrie

Since we’re dealing with spatial planning, our approach for this explainer video was to use isometric perspective, giving the viewer the general overview of the entire province, just like the work group had. This way, we can effortlessly move dozens of buildings, rollercoasters and forests towards a better future and show the effect of 30 years of spatial planning in a few minutes of animation. However, we still want it to feel relatable so we switch it up with the personal opinion of a few stakeholders, highlighting some of the more popular desires concerning spatial planning. We show how these desires have been, through dialogue, combined in one plan.

objects motion graphics antwerpen 2D animation explainer video isometric
stedenbouw explainer video antwerpen 2D animation graphics design isometric

CLIENT: De Provincie Antwerpen
OUR PART: Script, Design, Motion Graphics, 2D animation