Ghent University / UGent - Digital content

2D and Character animation

We were tasked with the motion graphics, 2D animation, character animation and even the phenakistoscopes for UGent's digital communication. The University of Ghent is, with 11 faculties and more than 200 courses, one of the major universities in Belgium. Part of UGent’s identity are their witty illustrations so it makes sense that their video communication consists of witty animations. We made a series of them for different purposes, including promotion for their alumni award socks, a series of phenakistoscopes to honor Joseph Plateau, or announcements for opening new campusses.

A selection of these can be seen below.

Our end of the job was the storyboarding and animation, while the illustrations were taken care of by De Kwekerij.

CLIENT: Stad Gent
OUR PART: Script, Character Animation, Motion Graphics