Play4Progress - Educating Sexuality

Card game illustrations

play4progress illustration card game gent sexual health

Play4Progress Belgium is a non-profit organisation which wants to make sexual health and sexual education discussable for minors. They aim to activate them to talk about taboos & difficult topics through play. Our task was to design make all illustrations for the full card game. It works as a quartet game which is played in groups. The sets of cards are designed to stimulate interaction and conversation. These will open the discussion about hard topics such as consent or sexual safety.

The challenge was to keep the illustrations suitible for minors, to give form to abstract vague terms but still be easy to understand and relate to.

By now, the card game has been printed in a multitude of languages and is used to educate minors and youngsters all around the world. In South-America it has become part of the school curriculum & children’s aid organisations in Africa and Asia are also using it.

CLIENT: non-profit organisation Play4Progress
AGENCY: Manpaard
OUR PART: Creative Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design

play4progress illustration deck gent education sexual health
play4progress illustration card game gent sexual health